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"I BUILT A UKRAINIAN INSIDE MYSELF" is a phrase spoken during an interview with Natalia, an internally displaced Ukrainian, who had fled the Russian invasion with her son.  She and others like her are profiled in this documentary I shot while in Ukraine during the first months of the war.  While war and violence are obviously part of this story, the documentary spends much of its time on humanitarian work being done to bring life and hope to the suffering people of this country.  

Our goal with I BUILT A UKRAINIAN INSIDE MYSELF is to get it 'out there', to share it as a message that hope is possible even in the darkest places, and to raise donations for the amazing and courageous work that is being done.  The documentary is being entered in film festivals, and will hopefully find viewers on streaming services and public television.  This is a project rooted in love and caring.  Pray for it.

The work profiled in this documentary was begun by Christina Katrakis and her husband, Roman Kudlay.  Christina is an International Ambassador for Foundation for United Nations, SDG... and Founder of Be The Light.  

You are encouraged to please visit the Be The Light website and consider donating to a cause that is dedicated to saving lives, and not ending them.  

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